Impressive Plastic Cups Snowman

Snowmen are usually made ​​of, well, snow! But what if you do not want to get cold and wet, make a plastic cups snowman. It takes a lot of time and resources (700 + cup), but it will be a semi-permanent feature in your home, as it will not melt like those other snowmen. Also, see how it looks impressive.


What you'll need:

1. Plastic cups (about 700 or more depending on how big you want your snowman)
2. Stapler and staples
3. Tape
4. Accessories to dress up your snowman



1. Start with five cups upside down. Take five pieces of tape and attach the cup in pairs. Cups do not need to be perfectly vertical.

2. Take a stapler and staple together two cups and repeat until all the cups were not sewn together.

3. Start adding the cup from the outside other and stitching them together. Do you want to add slanted because it will allow him to get more and then eventually less. As you work your way up, it will form into a ball.


4. Take 24 cups and arrange them on your side. Tape them together so they will not fall apart, then staple them.

5. Start layers cups. Cups naturally tilting and ultimately the ball will be formed.

6. Place this second portion at the upper portion of the first then add accessories.

Congratulations! You've just made ​​your own plastic cup snowman.