Make a Bird-House with Plastic Bottles - Great Creative Idea

It is very simple and easy to make a birdhouse with plastic bottles. The bottom is H2O with a cut to the little door surmounted with shoelaces and the roof is 2 liters of plastice coke bottle with a tope of raffia and button heart. In painting use a hand primer and two hands acrylic paint. You can also paint a few sprigs of flowers, more acrylic varnish. The glue uses contact to glue the roof at the bottom of the Birdhouse and lace on the door.

To be able to hang, made ​​two holes, one on each side, just below the cap ex bottle, with a crochet needle old at the blunt, heated in the fire (careful not to burn yourself). Drew the cover and passed through the holes in the other piece of lace so that we stay inside the crate, then cover and replace it.